Captured by the Mountain Man

I’ve had a crush on Lincoln since I was a kid, but he left to join the military over a decade ago. I never forgot about him, so when he strolls into the cake shop where I work looking sexier than ever, my old feelings come rushing back. I don’t expect him to ever want me back. He’s a big, brawny veteran and I’m a curvy girl struggling to love myself. But when fate brings me to Lincoln’s door, he’s determined to show me just how much he loves my curves.

After ten years of serving in the military, I’m finally settling back into civilian life. I missed Crave County, and it’s good to be back with my brother and my best friend, Brett. Everything is going fine until I set eyes on Daisy Capello. My best friend’s kid sister is all grown up now, and she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. With her perfect curves and sunshine smile, Daisy is everything I want. Our age-gap love is forbidden, but I’ll do anything to make her mine.