Christmas with the Mountain Man

As an ambitious local reporter, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a story, even if it means driving into the mountains three days before Christmas. But when my car breaks down at the base of Snowfall Ridge, I have to walk through a blizzard to find shelter. Lucky for me, there’s an empty mountain cabin nearby. But once I get a fire going and strip out of my wet clothes, I realize the cabin isn’t so empty after all…

When I walk in on a naked girl in my cabin, my world is instantly shaken up like a snow globe. Ella is so damn beautiful, and her curves drive me crazy every time I look at her. Now it looks like we’re snowed in together for Christmas, and Ella is determined to make our time together as festive as possible. I have my own reasons for being such a Grinch, but this curvy girl’s sunshine personality is thawing my heart. Will this be the Christmas that changes my life forever?