Curves for the Loner Cowboy

Her brother’s best friend is a hot older cowboy…
He’s also completely off-limits.

When I drop out of college and leave my abusive parents behind, my older brother Cade takes me in. His cabin in Crave County is a dream come true, and I’m determined to build a new life for myself here. Then I meet my new neighbor, and everything changes. Jackson Ryder is a gorgeous cowboy who makes my heart pound like horse hooves. I’m instantly attracted to him, and it looks like he might feel the same way about me. He’s a loner at heart, but I can feel myself falling for his rugged charm. The only problem? My brother would never approve of our relationship. Cade is fiercely protective, and he’ll never accept the age gap between me and Jackson. I don’t want to betray my brother, but I can’t help the way I feel about his best friend. It looks like my new start will be more complicated than I ever expected.