Fake Dating the Mountain Man

When my dad and my best friend get together, I figure it’s time for me to gain some independence. But when I apply to work at White Elk Lodge, there’s a surprise waiting for me: my sexy new boss. Rafe is a grumpy older mountain man who prefers his own company, and I’m instantly drawn to his rugged maturity. But when his grandma sees us together and gets the wrong end of the stick, Rafe and I decide to play along. Now I’m fake dating my insanely hot mountain man boss…what could possibly go wrong?

My grandpa left me White Elk Lodge in his will, and now I’m stuck running the place. As an introverted mountain man, the last thing I want to do is spend my days greeting guests. That’s why I hired Sophie. She’s a gorgeous curvy girl with a sunshine personality, but she’s way too young for me and our age gap makes me wary. I try to resist my beautiful new employee, but things heat up fast when a misunderstanding turns us into a fake couple. I know our relationship isn’t real, but I’m falling fast and hard for my fake girlfriend, and I don’t know how much longer I can resist her curves.