Her Grumpy Lumberjack

I’m desperate to escape the city for a few days, so when I inherit a cabin in the woods, it’s the perfect excuse for a vacation. But the cozy retreat I was picturing turns out to be a tumbledown shack, and my new neighbor is a giant lumberjack who wants me out of his forest. Chase is a big, bearded grump, but he’s willing to help me fix my cabin. He thinks it will make me leave sooner. But as I get to know the man beneath the rough exterior, things heat up fast between us. Now I’m not sure I want to leave at all.

I left the chaos of the military for a reason. Now it’s just me, my husky Moose, and our quiet life in the forest. Then Sienna arrives. This pink-haired city girl is beautiful, stubborn as hell, and way out of her depth. She’s determined to fix up her cabin, and I offer to help—not out of kindness, but to get her gone. But the more time I spend with Sienna, the more I fall for her. She’s a pretty little ray of sunshine, and her curves drive me wild. When she first arrived, I couldn’t wait for her to leave. Now I don’t know how I’m going to live without her.