The Mountain Man’s Curvy Pen Pal

I’m obsessed with Evan Haywood.
He’s the hottest mountain man in Crave County: gruff, grumpy, and gorgeous as hell. I’ve been crazy about him since the day I arrived in the small town of Winterdale. The only problem? I’m hiding something. A secret. I might seem like just a typical shy girl working in a coffee shop, but there’s something the people of this town don’t know about me. I want to tell Evan how I feel about him, but I can’t risk him finding out the truth, so I decide to send him an anonymous letter. Before I know it, I’m his new pen pal. My lies are piling up, and I don’t know which way to turn. Will Evan accept me once he finds out the truth? Or will our pen-pal romance stay forever on paper?