Valentine’s with the Mountain Man

She’s a curvy rich girl with a status-obsessed family.
They’re pushing her to find a wealthy bachelor, but she only wants the landscaper.

Valentine’s Day is looming and I’m dreading it. My mom hosts a Valentine’s Ball every year, and she always tries to set me up with some rich, snooty guy. She doesn’t realize that I only have eyes for Brett, the rugged landscaper who’s fixing up our yard. He’s a burly mountain man who takes my breath away, but my family would never approve of me dating a working-class guy like him, and the big age gap only makes our relationship more forbidden. I’m starting to think nothing will ever happen between us, but when Brett pretends to be my date to the Valentine’s Ball, things heat up fast. Now it’s too late to turn back. Cupid’s arrow always strikes true, and this Valentine’s Day, it looks like I’m the target.