Bonus Epilogue


10 years later

“Is this better?” Ava asks, holding the guitar awkwardly in her small hands. She’s definitely not holding it right, but it doesn’t stop the swell of pride I feel at seeing my daughter holding my guitar. It’s summer vacation, and she’s determined to start learning to play while she’s on break from school, so we’re starting lessons in my music studio. She definitely has enthusiasm, but she’s handling the instrument like it’s made of glass, about to smash at any second.

“Not quite. Close, though.” I lean down and reposition her hands until she’s holding it properly. “Try to relax a little with it. I promise you’re not going to break it.”

Ava nods. She’s always been a careful, serious little girl. She gets it from me, and at nine years old, she’s already mature beyond her years. Physically, though, Ava is a momma’s girl: chocolate-brown hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin dotted with freckles.  

Ava tries to strum the guitar strings, but it’s hard for her to reach them properly, and she looks down at the instrument dejectedly.

“I suck at this.”

“You don’t suck, honey, the guitar is just a little big for you.”

An idea strikes me. I reach for my phone and type out a quick message to my buddy Jason who works at the music store downtown. He replies almost immediately.

“Why are you smiling at your phone like that?” Ava asks.

The guitar is still weighing her down, and I reach over to lift it out of her arms.

“No reason. Tell you what, let’s pick this up again a bit later, okay sweetie?” Ava nods with a sigh and I plant a kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry,” I tell her. “I have a feeling you’re going to be great.”

She rolls her eyes. “You have to say that. You’re my dad.”

I chuckle and ruffle her hair. “I mean it though. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Just wait and see.”

At that moment, my wife peeks her head into the studio, grinning when she catches sight of us. “I made some brownies for my favorite musicians. They’re in the kitchen.”

Ava jumps up immediately. “Thanks, mom,” she calls as she barrels out of the studio toward the delicious scent of brownies. I catch my wife’s eye and we laugh.

“How was the guitar lesson?” Bailey asks, entering the studio and sitting down on my lap.

I pull her into my arms, breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo, my cock stirring at the feel of her soft body against mine. Even after ten years together, my wife makes my heart race like nothing else can. The simplest touches from her make me feel like I’m flying.

“A few teething issues,” I tell her, brushing a kiss against her neck. “But our next lesson will be better.”

“Speaking of teething issues—I just put the baby down for a nap.”

I smile at the mention of Benjamin, our perfect little surprise. Ava was a quiet, calm baby, but Benjamin is her total opposite. Our little man is loud and rambunctious, with a larger-than-life personality. But despite the many sleepless nights, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“How was he?”

“He went straight to sleep. I feel like I just witnessed a miracle.”

I smile. “So, we’re all alone?”

Something flashes in Bailey’s eyes. She winds her arms around my neck, straddling me.

“I guess we are, Mr. Holt.”

She presses her mouth to mine, her soft lips parting, inviting my tongue to slide inside. Our kiss is hungry, fevered, and I groan as Bailey starts to rock her hips back and forth, grinding herself against my lap. My cock is rock hard as she pushes herself against it, and I reach beneath her to unbutton my jeans, letting my hard length spring free. I hoist up Bailey’s skirt and pull her panties aside, lining us up before easing inside her tight sex.

Fuck she feels good.

I wish I could spend all day worshipping her body, but we have to be quick. Ava will come looking for us soon.

“Oh, yes,” Bailey moans as she starts to bounce up and down on my lap, sinking onto my cock over and over, her head thrown back with pleasure.

“That’s it baby, ride my cock.”

She doesn’t need to be told twice. Our skin slaps together as she takes me as deep as she can, her pussy pulsing around me.

“Damian,” she gasps, as her walls clamp tight. With a guttural cry, I feel her orgasm wash over her, her whole body tensing and releasing as she comes on my cock.

Her pleasure pushes me over the edge. I empty my seed inside her, burying my face against her neck as I groan out my release, muffling the sound as much as possible.

“Fuck, I love you so much,” I pant, pulling her closer.

My perfect wife.

“I love you too, Damian.”

We stay locked in our embrace for a while, breathing heavily, our heads fuzzy from sex.

“Mom? Dad?” Ava calls suddenly from somewhere in the house.

Bailey leaps up from my lap, and we hurriedly adjust our clothes, finishing just as Ava peeks her head around the door to the studio.

“What is it, honey?” Bailey asks slightly breathlessly.

“There’s someone at the door. They just knocked.”


“Let’s go see who it is,” I say with a quick smile.

Ava shrugs. I reach out for my wife with one hand and grab Ava with the other, guiding them out of the studio and back into the main part of the house.

“What are you up to?” my wife asks, whispering low enough so that Ava can’t hear. “You’re smiling all mischievously, like a naughty kid.”

I don’t reply. I just wink at her. My wife and daughter shoot each other a bemused look as I lead them to the front door and open it.

Jason is standing there with a small guitar case in his hands, beaming at me.

“Thanks for coming man,” I say. “I know it was short notice.”

“It was no problem, honestly, it’s a privilege to have you as a customer,” Jason says. “Getting to tell people that we supply Damian Holt with his guitars is damn great for business.”

I wave off the compliment as Jason reaches out to hand me the guitar case. I hand him some cash in exchange.

“Thanks, Jason. I owe you one.”

“No problem. See you soon.”

 Jason waves at us before heading back toward his car.

“I didn’t know you were getting a new guitar, dad,” Ava says, eyeing the case enviously as I close the front door. “It looks a little small for you.”

I catch Bailey’s eye and she seems to cotton on. She grins between me and Ava.

“Who says it’s for me?” I ask, looking down at my daughter with an eyebrow raised.

Her eyes widen as she looks back up at me. “But if it’s not for you…then who’s it for?”

I hand her the guitar case, smiling at the way her face lights up.

“Every musician needs their own instrument,” I tell her. “I think this one is going to be perfect for you.”

Ava’s usual seriousness flies out the window. She squeals with delight, setting down the guitar to hug me, letting me swing her around like she’s still a little kid. She pulls her mom into the hug as well, and my heart overflows with love as I hold my two favorite girls in my arms.

I watch as Ava opens the case, looking even more excited than she is on Christmas day. The guitar is the perfect size for her and it’s a pretty, light green: her favorite color. She yelps with happiness again, touching the guitar reverentially.

“Thank you, dad! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Clearly, Benjamin doesn’t want to miss out on the fun, because at that moment, he starts crying, the sound reaching us all the way across the house. With lungs like that, I have a feeling my boy will have a great singing voice one day.

“Come on,” Bailey says, planting a kiss on Ava’s cheek. “Let’s go and see your brother.”

Ava nods, her face still split into a huge grin. “Then after can we have another guitar lesson, dad? Please can we?”

I smile at her, looking at that adorable face. It’s so like her mother’s.

“Of course we can, honey.”

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world as we all head upstairs together. Not a day goes by where I’m not thankful for my beautiful wife and the life we’ve created together. Bailey and the kids are my whole world, and I love them more than words can say.

As we open the door to my son’s nursery, Ava bounds forward, gabbling excitedly to Benjamin about her new guitar. He stops crying when he sees his sister, making baby noises at her as she talks to him animatedly. The scene makes my heart tug as Bailey leans against me and we watch our children from the doorway, our arms around each other.

“Thank you,” I murmur in her ear.

“What for?”

She looks up at me, still every bit as beautiful as she was the day I met her in music class.

“For everything.”

The End

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