Bonus Epilogue


10 Years Later  

“Oli, Beth, it’s time to go!” I call to my kids.

I watch as my son bounds down the stairs toward me, his younger sister following close behind. The two of them are rarely apart, despite the age difference. Oli is nearly nine, but he adores his five-year-old sister just as much as she adores him, and wherever he goes, Beth follows.

“Where’s mommy?” Beth asks, looking forlornly around the empty hallway. Such a momma’s girl. I reach down and lift her up into my arms.

“Mommy’s already there, honey. We’re going to surprise her.”

Beth nods, satisfied with my explanation, and I set her back down beside Oli. I swear my son gets taller every time I look at him—something tells me he’s going to be a big guy one day, just like his dad.

“Can we get ice cream on the way there?” Oli asks, his blue eyes wide and innocent. “Please?”

“We already had lunch, buddy,” I say as I shepherd them out into the chilly October afternoon.  

Oli sighs at me. “Mom says I’m a growing boy, and growing boys need to eat.”

I chuckle, ruffling his hair as he gets into the backseat of the car beside his sister. “Growing boys need vegetables. Not ice cream.”

It’s Beth’s turn to sigh. “Daddy, please? Just one scoop.”

“Tell you what,” I say, getting into the front seat and starting the engine, “if you promise to be extra good when we see mommy, then I’ll let you get a scoop each.”

They start shrieking over one another. “Promise! We promise!”

“Fine. One scoop each.”

They cheer as I back out of the drive. “Thank you, daddy.”

I make a quick stop at the ice cream shop before heading for the bookstore on Main Street where there’s already a line out of the door. We park and I wait for the kids to demolish their ice creams before we get out of the car and head for the store.

“Daddy, we can’t jump the line,” Beth says pointedly as I lead the kids inside. My sweet girl takes politeness and manners very seriously.

“Don’t worry, honey. We’re not getting anything signed; we’re just here to support your mom.”

I guide my kids through the bookstore, past the line of people waiting and toward a large table stacked with books where my wife is sitting with a pen in hand smiling nervously at the group of women in front of her. News of her book signing event has spread like wildfire through Desire Falls, and tons of people have come out to get their copies of Esme’s romance books signed. After the success of Cordelia’s Lover, Esme decided to write another regency romance series, and A Duke for Danielle surpassed the success of her first series. It’s secured my wife’s place as one of the most-loved regency romance writers of the decade. The word ‘proud’ doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel. Seeing all these people lining up for my wife’s signature on their books is fucking insane, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She worked so hard for this. But I know she’s been feeling overwhelmed about doing this book signing, so I figured I’d bring the kids along to give her some support.

As we get closer, I see Esme’s eyes flicker to us. Her nervous smile is replaced by a genuine beam, making her perfect face glow with happiness. She excuses herself from the signing for a moment and walks towards us.

“Hello sugar,” I say, bending down to kiss her cheek.

“Hi, mommy!” Beth cries, leaping into Esme’s arms.

“Hello, my angels.” Esme reaches out to envelope Oli into their hug, smiling up at me. “I’m so happy to see you! I had no idea you were coming.”

“It was a surprise,” Oli says proudly, his lips stained with chocolate ice cream. “We’re here to support you.”

“I see,” Esme grins at him, inspecting his lips, “and did daddy have to bribe you with ice cream to come here?”

“No!” Oli says, hurriedly wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. “We wanted to come.”

“They did want to come,” I say, reaching out to stroke Esme’s hair. “They just happened to want a little ice cream too.”

Esme laughs. “Well, I’m glad you came. There’s a kid’s book section over there, Oli. Why don’t you show your sister the Harry Potter books.”

Esme puts Beth down and Oli grabs her hand. They scurry off together toward the children’s section of the store, Oli leading the way and crying out “Expelliarmus!” as he brandishes an imaginary wand.

My wife turns to me and beams. “Thank you for coming. There are so many people here…it’s crazy. Exciting but also really overwhelming.”

“That’s why I’m here, honey. I’m going to sit with you while you sign your books.”

Esme sags with relief. “That would be amazing. I’d feel so much better with you there.”

I plant a kiss on her sweet lips and we head back toward the table, sitting side by side as Esme picks up the pen and gets back to signing books, greeting everybody in the line with a warm smile.

I watch her as she signs all the books and thanks everybody for their praise. My heart swells at the sight of her. My amazing wife. She looks every bit as beautiful as she did the day I met her at that concert all those years ago. Her figure is curvier than ever now that she’s had our two babies, and I can’t keep my eyes off her thick thighs and deliciously plump breasts. My cock stiffens immediately, lengthening in my pants as my eyes roam her body.

“You want to know something?” I whisper in her ear.

“What?” She keeps her voice low.

I rest my large hand on her knee, slowly making my way beneath her skirt and up the smooth skin of her thigh.

“I think you’re due a break from signing.”

She smiles slyly at me. “I have a break scheduled in five minutes for coffee and a donut in the backroom.”

“You can have all the coffee and donuts you want, honey,” I mutter. “But I’m after something sweeter.”

My hand reaches her panties, the table hiding my touches from view as I run my finger up and down the soaked material. Esme sucks in a breath, her eyes wide, but she tries to stay collected as the next group of women present their books for signing.

“Hi, thanks so much for coming,” Esme tells them, her voice slightly breathless as I continue to secretly tease her through her panties beneath the table. “Who should I make these signatures out to?”

The women reel off their names, but my brain tunes out their voices. I’m focused entirely on my beautiful wife and the pink blush that’s climbing up her cheeks. My fingers slip beneath her panties, finding her slick wet core and seeking out the hardened nub of her clit.

“Okay,” Esme says shakily as she finishes signing the last group’s books. “I’ll be right back everybody. I have a quick coffee break scheduled.”

I discretely take my hand out of her panties and follow her as she jumps up from the table and leads me into the empty backroom before closing the door behind us.

“We only have five minutes,” Esme warns me, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“That’s long enough for me to make you come, sugar.”

She grins up at me. “My insatiable husband.”

I don’t let her say another word. I drop to my knees and hike up her skirt, pulling down her panties and shoving my face between her legs. I hear her gasp, holding back her moans as I suck on her clit. I run my tongue down further until it’s circling her wet pussy, and I feel her hands grab at my hair as I start to fuck her roughly with my tongue. I pull away for a second to look at her, savoring the sight of my perfect wife with her hand clamped over her mouth, stifling her cries. It makes me even hungrier for her. I sink between her legs once more, lapping up her juices until her legs start to tremble. I hear a muffled scream as she comes hard, her sweet cream coating my tongue in a warm rush, and I give her clit a final kiss before I pull away from her pussy and stand up.

“That’s my girl.”

Esme shakily pulls up her panties and rearranges her skirt, trying to get her panting breaths under control. “I can’t believe you just ate me out at my book signing.”

I chuckle. “Honey, I would eat that perfect pussy anywhere.”

She grins and rises on her tiptoes to catch my lips in a long, searing kiss, her sweet taste still on my tongue.

“I love you, Grant.”

No matter how many times she says it, hearing those three words from my wife always makes my heart flutter.

“I love you too, baby. Now let’s get back out there so you can sign some books.”

Esme smiles and takes my hand. “We should also probably make sure the kids haven’t trashed the kid’s book section while pretending to play Quidditch or something.”

I laugh. “Good idea, sugar. Let’s go.”

The End

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