Wanted by the Lumberjack

When Melody agrees to marry her wealthy landlord, her brother’s best friend will do anything to stop it.

Winterdale may look like an idyllic small town, but life isn’t easy here if you’re poor. So when my landlord offers to wipe my debts in exchange for my hand in marriage, I reluctantly go along with it. Walter Wainwright isn’t exactly the man of my dreams, but if marrying him is the only way to give my hero older brother the life he deserves, I’ll do whatever it takes. The only problem? My brother’s best friend. Aron Hastings is a grumpy, protective lumberjack, and he’s determined to ruin my plans. I knew he’d be mad about my engagement, but I sure as hell didn’t expect him to kidnap me and bring me back to his cabin. This grumpy older man might make my heart flutter, but I can’t let him distract me from my goals. And anyway, he’s my brother’s best friend. That means he’s off-limits…right?