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I write contemporary romance stories about big, grumpy alpha males who are tough on the outside and gooey on the inside. My heroines are strong, curvy women with smart mouths and sunshine personalities. Every story I publish has a guaranteed happy ending and at least one epilogue!

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He’s an ex-convict who just got out of prison.
She’s the daughter of the sheriff who put him there.

Big, inked, and grumpy as heck, Ronan Black isn’t your typical Prince Charming.
My dad says he’s trouble. He warns me to stay away.
But when a flood leaves me stranded at Ronan’s cabin, I decide to judge him for myself.
Turns out, there’s a heart of gold buried beneath his tough exterior.
I know it’s forbidden, but I’m falling fast for this rugged older lumberjack.
Could my dad’s worst enemy be the best thing that’s ever happened to me?

Sheriff Carson won’t let me forget my past.
He’s convinced I’m still a criminal, which is why he locked me up for something I didn’t do.
Now that I’m free, all I want is a quiet life in the forest.
Then I meet the sheriff’s daughter.
Sweet, beautiful, and half my age, Hazel is everything I shouldn’t want.
She’s off-limits, and getting involved with her is a huge risk.
But this curvy angel has already stolen my heart, and I can’t let her go.

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