New Year’s with the Mountain Man

When my apartment floods at the end of December, it’s the cherry on top of a crappy year. I have to get away, so I book a secluded mountain cabin on Snowfall Ridge, ready for a relaxing New Year’s by myself. But my plans go out the window when I meet Nash. This rugged mountain man owns the cabin I’m staying in, and it seems like he prefers grunting to real conversation. He might be moody and reserved, but this gorgeous grump is all I can think about, and I’m determined to figure out why he’s been isolating himself for so long.

I’m not used to being around people. Especially not a beautiful curvy girl like Ava with her sweet smile and sunshine personality. She’s way too young for me, but our age gap isn’t the only reason I want to keep my distance. I’ve made mistakes in my life. I screwed up so badly that my brother won’t even talk to me anymore. But Ava isn’t giving up on me that easily. She believes in second chances, and as New Year’s approaches, she’s determined for me to get mine.